Documentary vs Drama

This is, like it says in the picture, a Netflix original documentary on the Michael Peterson case. The question is, did he murder his wife? There are so many twists in this documentary that leaves almost as many questions, if not more, than you started with. Did he do it? Did he not? Are the other, alternative situations, what actually happened? So interesting. It’s got a lot of episodes too, but it’s not the kind you can watch while doing something else because the family dynamics and relationships are confusing and you really need to pay attention. To me, though, it was worth it because it was so interesting.

Then there’s the drama version of the story on HBO. It was told with flashbacks, like when she was alive to after her death. It made figuring out the family dynamics and relationships confusing to figure out, but it was still a good show. I think it played out very well. Colin Firth played the role of Michael Peterson really well in my opinion. I can’t speak to how well Toni Collette played the role of Kathleen (Peterson’s deceased wife), but I think she’s a really great actress.

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