Bi Pride?

So I’ve been asked things along the line of, “Okay, so you’re not straight, do you have to go around being proud of it and shoving it in everyone’s face?”

Answer: yes

Explanation: It’s not exactly about shoving it in everyone’s face. It’s not my entire identity, just like your “straightness” isn’t your whole identity. The point of it is for those of us who can, be open and show that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are for those who can’t show who they really are. It’s about making it normal and making homophobia and transphobia not normal and unnatural. For those of us who can be open with our sexuality, we have to stand up for those who can’t be open. Our openness about it, our pride about it is a privilege. We have to exercise our privilege to give a hand up to those who don’t have it. Just like white privilege should be used as a power for good and help those around us and educate others to get rid of the ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear and hate. That goes for race, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity.

British Crime

This show is a spin-off of another British crime show that follows a detective named Morse. This show is about Morse in the very beginning of his career and it’s called Endeavour.

It starts out set in the 1960s in Oxford, England. Each episode is roughly an hour and a half. There’s nothing too gory in it, but it is really good. It focuses on mostly two characters, Morse (whose first name is Endeavour – which he hates and never uses) and a Fred Thursday. It’s a good set too – the cars, the clothes, the music. Being an hour and half, it can be sort of slow sometimes, but in my opinion, with all the twists and turns and connections made, the show really keeps my attention. It’s one that I can watch and not have to do anything else. I can sit there and just watch and stay awake and focused. I really enjoy it, and I hope you do too!

You can watch all 8 series on Amazon Prime Video.

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Where I’ve Been

So many things have happened since the last time I was on here. My grandmother has health issues and is going in for surgery. My dog had to have surgery and is still recovering from it. I had to scramble to find a new doctor which took a surprisingly long amount of time and caused a lot of serious anxiety. So that was fun. Right now I’m so tired, I have no doubt that I’m missing something, if not more than one thing, that has happened to keep me from the blog.

Anyway, so many things have just piled on top of me that this blog has had to take a back seat. Hopefully that will change soon. Until then, I’ll see you around! (I might be able to keep up my Friday posts…we’ll see!)

Documentary vs Drama

This is, like it says in the picture, a Netflix original documentary on the Michael Peterson case. The question is, did he murder his wife? There are so many twists in this documentary that leaves almost as many questions, if not more, than you started with. Did he do it? Did he not? Are the other, alternative situations, what actually happened? So interesting. It’s got a lot of episodes too, but it’s not the kind you can watch while doing something else because the family dynamics and relationships are confusing and you really need to pay attention. To me, though, it was worth it because it was so interesting.

Then there’s the drama version of the story on HBO. It was told with flashbacks, like when she was alive to after her death. It made figuring out the family dynamics and relationships confusing to figure out, but it was still a good show. I think it played out very well. Colin Firth played the role of Michael Peterson really well in my opinion. I can’t speak to how well Toni Collette played the role of Kathleen (Peterson’s deceased wife), but I think she’s a really great actress.

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Five Stars Hands Down!

The Last Kingdom is based on a book series by Bernard Cornwell. It’s about a Saxon boy who is captured by the Danes and taken as a slave. But he quickly becomes part of the family of the Danes. Then the rest of the story is somewhat about how he (Alexander Dreymon) balances the line between Saxon and Dane and who he is. I don’t want to give any spoilers away because it is so good. I mean, really good. It’s five seasons long on Netflix and well worth it! It’s just so good. So very, very good. I just finished bingeing it and I actually just want to watch it again. I’ve actually checked the first (of many) books from the library (because it’s good to support our local libraries).

I cannot praise it enough. I don’t know how true the show is to the books (yet), but the show is very good. I’ve heard the books are good and I like the show so much that I’m willing to risk tainting the love of the show with not liking the book. So I recommend it, especially if you like “Viking” things. Highly recommend.

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