Hello old friend

So it’s been a long time. We’ve entered a whole new decade in fact and still I haven’t written. (I’m doing this on mobile because it’s not quite 6 am and I am not getting out of bed for my computer.)

I’m going to try to write one post a week. That seems manageable.

Today I’ll catch you up a little. Remember that time I was at the beach? I was staying in my grandmother’s condo which she would rent out (but we got free use). It got a make over (first time since the 70s) and it’s gorgeous and comfortable now. Also, it’s just recently been taken off the rental options now! Now it’s just the family’s to use whenever we need or want to. It’s going to be really nice.

I’ve also started school. I’m not sure, I may have already told you that. But anyway. I’m in school taking my classes and even though it’s only 9 week courses, they can be pretty intense. Which is really why I’ve fallen off of writing here is because I write so much more than I expected to in psychology class. But that’s major so, stiff upper lip and do the work!

I’m down to needing 10 classes to graduate but there are three more I want to take before I graduate that I don’t technically need – ASL. I’ve kind of become obsessed with it. I bought a “dictionary” of sorts of words and have been teaching myself the vocabulary online and a little of the grammar structure. The truth is, though, you really need another person to teach it and practice it with you. I don’t like taking two classes at once because it stresses me out so much, but I’m hoping if I enjoy the two classes that it’ll be much easier to do. I’m already enrolled for ASL 1 next semester and learned I need a webcam. I have a MacBook so it’s got a camera and I’m hoping I don’t have to buy another. I understand the camera is necessary but putting my face out there makes me really uncomfortable. I’m always the one behind the camera taking pictures or filming. But again, stiff upper lip. I really want to learn it. I think it’s a beautiful language that’s 3D and amazing. So it should be worth it.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. If you come back next week sometime and read another thank you! I should warn you that I have absolutely no theme in mind. It’ll just go with whatever my mood of the day is. And it can be pretty sporadic.

See y’all next time! 🤟🏼

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