There’s no place like home

I love living this close to the ocean. I’ll never leave. I can’t imagine being somewhere else, someplace that takes hours to get to the shore, to be landlocked.

The beach isn’t just a place to get tan or go swim in the ocean. It’s like church. Emily Dickinson has that poem about her church being outdoors – well mine is too. It’s right here with the waves crashing.

I think about how God knows exactly how many grains of sand there are and look at the beauty He created that I get to enjoy and think really? A God this wonderful and powerful loves me, lil ol me with my many, many faults and erring ways… but He does. And for that He’ll have my undying devotion.

The beach is my church. Is there any particular place you go that makes you feel small, but so loved at the same time? Any place that feels like home even though it’s not?

[side note: using the mobile app for the first time so I don’t know how this will really turn out! We’ll see!]