It’s finally finished!

So, this is my first post in a while. It feels a little weird because for the past 30 days, I’ve been writing fiction… my badge makes me smile. 51,344 words! I can’t believe it. Right now, I’ve been awake for well over 24 hours. I’m not sure exactly how long. I feel very out of touch, like I’m so out of it and goofy I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or awake or what I’m doing. Have I taken my meds? Have I eaten? Yeah… I had some soup… at some point in the past 5 days… But I’m too tired to actually feel hungry, you know what I mean?

Basically, forgive this bad post, but I’m posting it anyway. I’m just so so so happy that NaNo 2017 is over and I made it!!!

Congrats to anyone else who did it and won!

KEEP GOING to anyone out there still reaching! STOP READING AND WRITE! YOU GOT THIS!

It’s finished, Christmas is here. I feel… I’m on the cusp of like, not giving a shit to the point that you’re just happy? Delirious?

I don’t know. I’m stopping. I think I’ll go fire up my micro torch and make some metal shit. Mini-flamethrower and lack of sleep… what could possibly go wrong?

Easy Writing

…doesn’t exist.

People think writing is easy. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes the words pour out of you as easy as breathing. Sometimes you have to dig and rip the words out. Either way, once the writing is done, the editing begins.

I’m not there yet at all. Not even close (clearly – sidebar), BUT I know it’s coming.

I don’t even know what I’m writing about now with this NaNo. The words are pouring out of me, but right now they’re all jumbled and confused. Thanks to the Scrivener program I can sort them out later. Right now, it’s just a big mess. And exhausting.

Between the studio and NaNo, my energy is completely drained. I’ve got a lot more things to list on the shop site, but no time to do the work behind it just yet, new and different things than I usually do.

I’ve decided that soon (maybe next week?) I’ll be posting a discount on here for anyone who needs to buy Christmas presents! If you want to see more of what I have, you can check out the Instagram I just made for it.

Special discount for this blog only coming soon!

And good luck to anyone else in NaNo right now! (It’s completely frying my brain.)