NaNoWriMo 2017

If you don’t know, it’s NaNoWriMo time! This month is National Novel Writing Month. Participants spend the month writing a novel — the ultimate goal being 50k words. If I remember correctly, 50,000 words is around 300 pages which is the average length of a novel today.

For the past three years I’ve participated and completed the 50k word goal. It’s not easy. They say to write 1,667 words a day and you’ll reach the end complete! The thing is life tends to get in the way. When you’re stuck, 1,667 words seems like an impossible goal. When you’re on a roll, 1,667 words is like nothing! So it’s an exercise in consistency.

During this month, if I make any posts at all there’s a very good chance that it’ll be ranting about how NaNo is kicking my ass. This time, though, I’ll be writing something a little different. Normally, it’s completely fictional with a character or two based loosely on someone I know. Now it’s going to be a little more personal. I’m going to be writing some about my life — friends, family, all the crap I’ve been through. At the end, I’m hoping it’ll turn into a happy ending (which will be the most fictional part of the story). At least, maybe. I’ll probably start writing and it’ll turn into something completely different.

If you’re interested in writing, even if you don’t think you’re good, you should at least check it out! It’s fun! Go to NaNoWriMo and see if there’s anyone else in your area. You can be anonymous or not. You can meet up with people if you want or you can do it solo. I’ve only met with the group in my area once when I was in college. Since then, I haven’t attended any write-ins or kick-offs.

Best of luck to anyone out there participating!

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