It’s a little too personal than I’m comfortable with sharing, so I won’t go too detailed.

I recognized something in my life that I’ve kept for years. I’ve justified it by saying it’s just artwork, etc. But the truth is, down in my soul, I’ve known it isn’t good. It’s a HUGE temptation for me and when I give in, it completely drags me away from the Lord and my bible gathers dust.

I knew I had to get rid of it. I didn’t know how. Just throwing it away, I could still go get it. Giving it away seemed even worse! I know it’s something God doesn’t approve of and giving it to another person, leading them to sin wasn’t right. So what other way is there? Fire.

It was between the trash and fire. The trash, I could wait until the last minute before the city picks it up, and throw it in. Or I could totally destroy it. So I prayed.

I got on my knees (literally) and asked God to give me a sign. If he wants me to destroy it with fire, put fire or flame in my dream, otherwise I’ll do my best to resist until the city picks up the trash. I begged, genuinely begged and pleaded with him to tell me what to do. I asked him for guidance and said I’ll do whatever he tells me to.

I can’t say I remember much about the dream, but I remember one very important thing. Flamethrower.

Why was a flamethrower in my dream? No clue. But there was my answer. Burn it.

So the next day, I gathered everything that had anything to do with it (which was surprisingly a lot) and burned all that I could. It made a huge smoke cloud, and it was windy so that was even worse. But I did it!

I asked for a sign. I got the sign. I did what he said. As I watched the embers of the fire die, I just felt this weight on my soul gone. I didn’t even realize it, but it was like carrying a really heavy bookbag all day at school, getting used to it, then dumping it off as soon as you get home. You feel like your shoulders are lifting. It was that, but deeper.

God is real! God is alive! He is listening!

If you’re struggling with something, pray about it. I mean, just talk to God, ask him for guidance and be prepared to follow through. Learn what God’s will is, make sure what you’re asking is in line with what he wants, and pray in Jesus’ name. I asked for a sign just like Abraham’s servant did (Genesis 24), something specific that couldn’t be confused as something else. Something specific for me to know.

Just try. Give it time. Like baking a cake. You can lick the frosting bowl and wait for the timer to ding saying the cake’s ready!

…or you might think I’m just crazy 🤷🏻‍♀️

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