Places with a Purpose

I’ve never been the kind of person who thinks that your bed is just for sleeping, your desk is just for studying/working, or the couch is just for lounging. I study, eat, sleep on the couch. You get my point.

But since I started this Etsy business again, things have been a little different. First, I kind of destroyed our living room by setting up two tables and a cart in it, but I don’t think people mind. To get to the kitchen for breakfast, I have to walk through the living room and get to see all my jewelry supplies. Using these tables just for making jewelry has really helped.

I didn’t buy into that idea of setting up a place with a purpose. Without even meaning to, I sort of did it myself. And it works! Of course, it doesn’t mean I’m about to not nap on the couch or eat a meal in front of the TV, etc.

Just saying… sometimes it works and sometimes it’s worth it.

Maybe there’s something you could try? If there’s any NaNo’s out there, maybe a specific chair or table or something just for writing. I don’t know. Personally, I’ll be writing wherever I can get my laptop!

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