What a day…

So, I have a big yard. I’ve been alone for the hurricane and after and normally I’m not. I was gathering up all the branches from the back and dragging them out to the street for the pick ups. I basically bathed in bug spray because mosquitoes were so terrible outside. It was awful and I wasn’t drinking enough (I realize after I collapse against a tree and the mailman asks if I’m okay).

I accidentally took two days of meds on one day so the second day I didn’t take anything. Long story short, my meds were all kinds of messed up. I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I’m getting all kinds of scratches cleaning up the yard, near fainting, and the whole time I’m mumbling to myself that I’m not grumbling or complaining (Philippians 2:14)…

I was just a train wreck. Then I hear my neighbor through the fence (who I haven’t met yet) asking someone, “Hey, do you hear her?” And I just really wished I had a pool so I could jump into it and stay under as long as possible.

It was embarrassing and pathetic. Now, after some time, I think it was ridiculous and a little funny. Medicine is important!

And now you know. I hope it made someone smile!

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